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Generation T – The Swedish Tintin Association is a non-for-profit association, without any political or religious ties. Our aim is to gather together people interested in Tintin and Hergé, and to increase the general interest in The Adventures of Tintin. Generation T is arranging conventions, events, and lectures; we produce and maintain this website; we’re holding an annual meeting (around May 22th each year); we arrange guided tours to Brussels, Cheverny Castle (Marlinspike) and other places; we’re also collaborating with other Tintin associations. Our association has a formal agreement with Moulinsart S.A., copyright owner of Hergé’s work. We’re also producing an annual yearbook, entitled Tintinism, with articles, interviews and analyzes.

To become a member of Generation T, please apply to us via e-mail. We need to know your full name, postal address, e-mail address, and please tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in Tintin. The annual membership fee for non-Swedish citizen is €40.00. We can only accept payment through bank transfer: IBAN with BIC/SWIFT code. Upon application and payment, you will receive your membership kit – all in Swedish language. The new annual yearbook will arrive after it’s published at the end of May each year.

New members who pay the membership fee on November 1 or later will automatically become members for the present AND following year. However, they will have to wait for their yearbook until it’s released the following year. The reason for this is because we apply calendar year for our membership fee.

IBAN: SE1180000810349039001210

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